Smackin' April: Deep Dish Pizzas and Caramels - Red-Eye and Erratic Asthmatic

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April has arrived and we are ready to devour even more food... of course. Today is deep dish pizza day to commemorate the deliciousness that is a well-made savory pie. Although, not all deep dish pizza have flavor as deep as their dish. And maybe you'd want something more sweet. Have no fear, a day to celebrate caramel is here, and will stick to your teeth forever. Whether an ingredient in candy bars, or straight up blocks of caramel, there's many uses for this cooked sugar everyone loves. No matter what you are in the mood for, April is going to slap.

Join us in our hunger. What are you looking forward to in April? Did you play any April Fools pranks? Have you ever had a real deep dish pizza? Perhaps you enjoy sweets a little bit more, and if so, what is your favorite candy treat? What was your reaction to the instantly famous incident at the Oscars this year? Were you watching it live as it happened or did you wake up to all of the memes? Let us know everything!

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