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August has come upon us. With the last full month of summer here, it's once again coming to the point where the grilling and barbecuing stops, and the bountiful feasts as well as sweet desserts begin rolling in. With root beer floats, it's not enough to just have ice cream or soda by itself. Has anyone tried ice cream with beer? It may be the time to with International Beer Day arriving. Because what's dessert without alcohol? From lollipops to full pies and tarts, August has many opportunities to celebrate your favorite dessert!

Join us in our discussion! What foods are you looking forward to in August? Are you excited for summer to be over? Will you be ready to handle s'mores, chocolate chip cookies, multiple flavors of ice creams, popsicles, cakes, and all sorts of tasty treats throughout this month? Let us know your favorite desserts and all!

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