Wrappin' Up February - Red-Eye and Erratic Asthmatic

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Red-Eye and Erratic Asthmatic talk about the ending of the shortest month of the year as we move into March. A lot of crazy things happened in February! There's another whole war going on! What the hell!? Storm Eunice decides to wind up tensions (literally) as the UK and Netherlands both experience super intense rains and winds. Trees blowing over, cars getting smashed, locals trying to wind sail using a tote bag, Eunice made sure that we know natural disasters are still a thing of the present. Let's see what March brings! Hopefully there will be some more good news that comes up during this month.

How was your February? And what are you looking forward to in March? Are you located in any of the places that Eunice visited? What did you during the storm if so? Are you, your family, or friends struggling with the current conflict that is causing tension throughout the world? We hope everyone stays as safe as possible and we'd love to hear your thoughts. Let us know everything!

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