Redgate and Wolf - Bonus Episode: Time Jail One-Shot

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Five actual play podcasters come together to play an impromptu Monster of the Week one-shot!

Join a 15 year old girl who sees dead people, a weaselly luchador, the flakiest of flakes and Santa(?), as they attempt to break out of time jail.

Guest Starring:

Adam is the Keeper Roll Players:

Dan is the weaselly luchador Ready Set Roll: The Zee Team:

Mr. Ray is Santa $2 Creature Feature:

Conan is the Flake: RPGs:

Sarah is the 15yo spooky girl Redgate and Wolf:

Time Jail and Roll Players' themes by Adam @ Roll Players

Welcome To the Hereafter Hotel: An original Monster of the Week mystery From itch: From DriveThruRPG:

website: chatroom: twitter:

Redgate and Wolf Theme and transitional music composed and performed by Sean @ McRoMusic:

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