Reviving Dead Deals with Chris Craddock #200

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For whatever reason, most real estate agents shy away from partnering with investors. But here's the thing: Rehabbers and wholesalers are already spending tens of thousands of dollars every month on motivated seller leads. They convert about 10% of those and throw the rest away! So, what if you could turn those turndowns into listings?
Chris Craddock is the Founder and CEO of The Redux Group, a real estate team out of Northern Virginia built around an investor-agent lead generation model. His team specializes in closing on distressed properties, selling nearly $120M in volume last year. Chris is also the creator of the REI Agent Program and the co-host of Uncommon Real Estate, a podcast dedicated to helping agents and investors grow their business with creative real estate solutions.
Chris shares where to find real estate investor partners and what his team does to build relationships with these rehabbers and wholesalers. He explains how his team closes on investor referral leads at a high level, turning trash into cash and commanding an above-average commission. Chris provides insight on positioning yourself as a problem-solver, and how to leverage investor referrals to get listings!
We Chat About:
  • What inspired Chris to build a team around an investor-agent model
  • How much investors spend on finding motivated sellers
  • Why Chris team commands an above-average commission
  • Positioning yourself as a problem-solver, not a typical real estate agent
  • How Chris turns an investors turn down deals from trash into cash
  • What Chris does to build relationships with rehabbers and wholesalers
  • Chris 17-step process for closing 50% of his investor referral leads
  • How to identify the reason someone is moving in a distressed situation
  • Chris advice on where to look for real estate investor partners

Connect with Chris
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