Laurel Farrer: The Global WFH Experiment & Long-Term Promise Of Remote Work

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Laurel and I decided to jump on a video call to talk about the world emerging work-from-home experiment amid the evolving Covid-19 pandemic. We wanted to talk about some of the deeper principles & opportunities that remote work offers and talk about how companies might think about it in the next month and over the next few years. We talk about:

  • The short-term mindset companies should take in the next few weeks (hint: don't overdo the tools right now)
  • What the broader opportunity is for remote work over the next 10 years
  • The role of trust in remote work and what happens when it breaks down
  • How to think about meetings and how to design your day and re-think productivity
  • Examples of companies who have been innovating in this space for 10+ years
  • Experience from Laurel's 10+ years as a remote team leader

As the Founder of Distribute Consulting and the Remote Work Association, Laurel Farrer starts, strengthens, and leverages virtual workforces to solve corporate and socioeconomic concerns. A global thought leader on the topic of remote work, Laurel collaborates with the world's leading businesses and governments to eliminate virtual worker discrimination, prevent policy retraction, increase remote job accessibility, train distributed leaders, and design economic initiatives. Additionally, she also shares her expertise as a Forbes contributor, subject matter expert for business education curriculum, and virtual software product advisor.


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