012: Side Projects & Side Dishes

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Welcome to Remotely Interesting brought to you by Netlify. People who were remotely interesting: For this episode, we were in the holiday spirit and decided to talk about our side projects and side dishes! We have recipes for code, recipes for food, and recipes for disaster? Join us and see!
Tara's Side Project & Side Dish Phil Is Not Here! asiannati.com
  • Gatsby, Strapi.io, Netlify ++
  • AACAC: Asian American Cultural Assoc. of Cincinnati (why couldn't Tara remember that)
  • Headless CMSes & mixed experience teams
Mac & Cheese
  • forming humans into people you like
  • go fat or go home
  • what are roux doing? asks Jason
Jason's Side Project & Side Dish
Tries to make fun of Phil
Next version of learnwithjason.devCrab Salad Spring Roll
Ben's Side Project & Side Dish
Harry Potter prep
Ben's own productivity systemBean Sprouts
Cassidy's Side Project & Side Dish
Tries to make fun of Phil
  • Electron
  • React
  • supabase DB
  • Adding auth & using data so it's smarter than you
  • supabase integrates with GoTrue & you don't have to refresh the page w new data
Fancy Crackers
  • tomatoes w olive oil and sea salt + manchego cheese + salami||chorizo
  • a salt vessel cracker
  • tech stack ?= snack stack
  • shipping pork shanks & olive oil

FUN FACT: Very little of the olive oil made in Italy is pure olive oil bc of processing. In Spain olive oil is way more regulated. DM Jason your feedback or orders for his secret olive oil
TidBits & ThoughtThings™️
What food names should be the next JS libraries?As always, we hope you find it remotely interesting.

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