Ep 119 - Tax Savings in Action: A Strategic Approach to Lowering Your Taxes | with Amanda Han & Matt MacFarland

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Tax Savings in Action: A Strategic Approach to Lowering Your Taxes

Tax savings are one of the key things that real estate investors get that leads to returns being significantly higher than they initially seem. There are many, MANY different strategies and opportunities to lower your taxes that take some planning to fully achieve.

Amanda Han and Matt MacFarland rejoin Adam Schroeder and Zach Lemaster to discuss a specific client case study that had a client able to bring their $320,000 in W-2 income down to only be taxed on $91,800. That is a MASSIVE tax savings.

They’re offering Rent to Retirement listeners a $200 discount on their tax savings program that you can utilize by entering the promo code RTRTAX.

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