EP285 What you Need to Know about the Rental Eviction Prevention Program with Gustavo Perez

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Today we’re going to get hyper-local and discuss the eviction protection program here in Kent County. No matter where you live and own rental property, there are programs like this all over the country that are helping residents who are struggling to pay their rents during the pandemic, as well as landlords who need to collect that rent in order to make sure their bills are being paid.

Gustavo Perez is the CERA Program Manager at United Way. CERA stands for Covid Emergency Rental Assistance Program and its receiving millions from the Government that need to be deployed right away to help renters and landlords.

Gustavo is going to help us understand this program and how our residents can gain access, the criteria for receiving the money, and how many months it will cover. We’ll also discuss some of the hesitancy that landlords have in accepting this agreement as well as the benefits from working with this program.

If you’re in Kent County, Michigan you can access this program by going to www.kentrenthelp.org

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