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NDAs or Non-Disclosure Agreements is a very popular topic here on Resourceful Designer. The previous episode I did on NDAs is one of the most searched posts on this site.

I recently had the privilege of talking NDAs with attorney Gordon Firemark. Gordon practices entertainment law in California, the USA, where he helps artists, writers, producers, and directors achieve their dreams in the fields of theatre, film, television and new media.

But what does that have to do with graphic or web design, you might be thinking?

Well, every theatre production, film and movie, television show and other forms of new media such as YouTube and podcasting, at some point require the expertise of a designer. And many times, those designers are brought into the mix long before the entertainment product is ready to go public. And of course, the person hiring said designer wants to protect their intellectual property.

That’s where Non Disclosure Agreements come into play. They help protect their IP by setting the boundaries of what the designer can say or not say about the projects they’re working on for their clients.

To learn more, be sure to listen to the episode. Here are some topics we covered.

  • What is an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement)?
  • Is an NDA a separate contract?
  • In what situation would you be asked to sign an NDA?
  • Are your contractors covered by an NDA you sign?
  • What should you look for in an NDA?
  • What should you look out for in an NDA?
  • What is covered under an NDA?
  • When should an NDA end?
  • Are NDAs negotiable?
  • When is it ok to break an NDA?
  • What are your obligations to materials provided to you under an NDA?
  • When should you ask a client to sign an NDA for you?
  • Is a Non-Complete Agreement the same as an NDA?

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