297. A Front of House Perspective on Training & Leadership - Zaylan Jacobsen

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An “A-Player” is someone with great personality, stellar product knowledge, a true understanding of service and a strong desire to please the guest. Imagine if your entire team took this approach! In this week’s episode of the Restaurant Rockstars Podcast, I’m speaking with Zaylan Jacobsen. Zaylan is a veteran server, bartender and team leader who saw a gap in staff training and service. He not only found a way to up-level the guest experience in his own employer’s restaurants but is now disrupting the industry. Listen as Zaylan describes: - How great restaurants create a strong culture - The importance of effective training on the guest experience - Seeing your staff as valuable “assets” not replaceable commodities - Valuing and encouraging team contributions - Technology that unfortunately detracts from true hospitality - Better ideas to combat the labor crisis - Turning restaurant jobs into careers with limitless potential You’ll want to stay tuned as Zaylan describes how and why he created a game-changing restaurant training App that will transform service in restaurants and hospitality operations. Get your free Demonstration at www.srvnow.com Now go out there and ROCK Your Restaurant! Roger Thank you to our Sponsors: SRV - Unlock Staff Potential and Maximize Sales. SRV teaches your team to profitably sell and accurately create the food and drinks at your restaurant. Learn More: https://srvnow.com/ Davo – Automate Your Sales Tax. Why not Try Davo FREE for 30 days: https://www.davosalestax.com/

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