298. Advice after 1,500 Restaurants - Kevin King

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Imagine the know-how and experience you would have after building 1,500 restaurants. Would you then have the Golden Touch? In this episode of the Restaurant Rockstars Podcast, I speak with Kevin King, President of www.donatos.com, Kevin’s long career has taken him some of the most successful franchises in the business including Dominos, Papa Murphys, Smoothie King and others. Listen on as Kevin tells us: - The Fundamental Elements of Restaurant Success - How Donatos is dealing with labor, inflation, and the supply chain - Why piled high edge to edge toppings still make sense with rising food costs - Why Donato’s is unique and their extraordinary, continued growth during the pandemic - Necessary technology and other critical operating systems - His best advice to operators now And the learnings and experience that come from an illustrious career. Now go out there and ROCK Your Restaurant! Roger Episode Page: https://bit.ly/E298RRP Thank you to our Sponsors: SRV - Unlock Staff Potential and Maximize Sales. SRV teaches your team to profitably sell and accurately create the food and drinks at your restaurant. Learn More: https://srvnow.com/ Davo – Automate Your Sales Tax. Why not Try Davo FREE for 30 days: https://www.davosalestax.com/ Popmenu - For a limited time only, popmenu is offering our listeners $100 off your first month plus an unchanging lifetime rate. FREE Demo: https://www.popmenu.com/rockstars Smithfield Culinary – Inspiring head-turning menu creativity. Visit us for culinary trends and chef-created recipes: https://smithfieldculinary.com/

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