A Theory of Change from New York Socialists

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Tonight we’re joined live by Michaelangelo Pomarico, an organizer with Mid Hudson Valley DSA and the Public Power New York Coalition who has devoted a lot of time over the last several months organizing to elect Sarahana Shrestha, a DSA endorsed candidate for the New York Assembly. Michaelaneglo will share how Sarahana’s insurgent campaign in the Hudson Valley succeeded to unseat longtime incumbent Kevin Cahill last month in the Democratic primary and what comes next for their DSA chapter.

We also talk with Socialist Councilmembers Alexa Aviles and Tiffany Caban about their first six months on the New York City Council and we’ll hear in their own words why they, along with four other council members, were the only members to vote NO on the City Budget that was pushed through in a late night vote by the Council Speaker and later signed by Mayor Adams earlier this month.

To learn more about Mid-Hudson Valley DSA follow them on twitter @MHVDSA and visit www.mhvdsa.org

To learn more about Sarahana Shrestha follow her on twitter @sarahana and www.sarahanaforassembly.com/

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