25: Bardot interview with Belinda Chapple & Katie Underwood

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Bardot queens Belinda Chapple and Katie Underwood chat with Joel and David in Right Back At Ya!’s first ever interview episode.
Dialling in from Australia and Singapore, the Aussie Popstars open up about celebrating 20 years of Bardot… together we reminisce on the monumental Series 1 auditions, uncover stories of Bardot’s second album recording sessions in London (with Katie just before she left the band), and what we can expect in the future. Our deep dive goes way back further too – before Bardot – with Belinda’s brief stint in another girl group and Katie’s solo dance music foray.
If you haven’t already, check out our “Popstars Australia: Bardot and Scandal’Us” episode for the full deep dive into this band and more!
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