32: 20 Years of Spice Girls "Forever"

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Now it's time to get down with the Right Back At Ya! boys as they celebrate 20 years of the last Spice Girls' album "Forever". #JusticeForForever, anyone?

For two decades, this R&B-infused Spice Girls era - highlighted by the UK No.1 single 'Holler' and 'Let Love Lead The Way' - has felt somewhat underappreciated or even misunderstood.

Together, Joel and David trace the journey of this third Spice Girls album starting with 'Goodbye' in 1998, the group's Christmas No.1 post Geri. They uncover the hectic year in Spice Camp in 1999, leading up to the spectacular "Christmas in Spice World" tour where they debuted new songs: 'Holler', 'Right Back At Ya', and 'W.O.M.A.N'.

There's no denying that this line up with Emma Bunton, Melanie C, Mel B and Victoria Beckham was the band's most vocally formidable. Working with American hitmakers Darkchild and Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, "Forever" took the Spice Girls' sound out of the 90s and into the slick 2000s pop R&B landscape.

If you wanna have some fun, go pour yourself a glass of wine, and fasten your seat belt for a super fun nostalgic ride back to Spice World (via Brent Cross)!

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