45: Young Divas (Jessica Mauboy, Ricki-Lee, Paulini, Kate DeAraugo and Emily Williams)

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We are celebrating the legends of Down HUNder in this special episode dedicated to Australian Idol supergroup Young Divas, which featured an all-star line-up of Jessica Mauboy, Ricki-Lee, Paulini, Kate DeAraugo and Emily Williams. Brace yourself for Right Back At Ya!'s most fabulous 'handbags-on-the-floor' episode yet!
This multi-platinum-selling quartet of vocal powerhouses was never meant to be an official recording group - Paulini, Ricki-Lee, Kate and Emily only teamed up for a one-off single and joint national tour. But everything kicked off after the unexpected success of their debut single 'This Time I Know It's For Real', a high-energy dance pop remake of the Donna Summer classic.
Together David and Joel explore the Young Divas' hit albums of covers - "Young Divas" (2006) and "New Attitude" (2007) - the latter featuring Jessica Mauboy, who replaced Ricki-Lee. It's big vocals, impeccable harmonies, and a relentless stream of classic anthems like 'Happenin' All Over Again', 'It's Raining Men', 'Gloria', 'Searchin', 'Turn Me Loose', 'Tell It To My Heart', 'Got To Be Real', and more.
It's time to summon your inner Young Diva, shake off the lockdown blues, and - for the uninitiated - enjoy this little introduction to all five divas' solo careers.
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