52: Christina Aguilera Part 1 - Debut album, 'Reflection' to 'Lady Marmalade'

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Fighters, rise up because we are diving into Christina Aguilera's epic debut album era. Off the back of her hugely-deserved 2021 People's Choice Music Icon Award, it's about time this 2000s pop music podcast dived into Xtina's catalogue. In this first part of our Christina Aguilera journey, Joel and David celebrate the smash debut album "Christina Aguilera", which spawned the massive hits 'Genie In A Bottle', 'Come On Over Baby (All I Want Is You)', 'What A Girl Wants' and 'I Turn To You'.
We trace one of our generation's most influential vocalist's journey from the Mickey Mouse Club (with Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake) through to 'Reflection', on Disney's Mulan soundtrack, all the way up to 2001's Grammy-winning global smash 'Lady Marmalade' with fellow divas P!nk, Lil Kim and Mya.
Of course, your Right Back At Ya! boys had to also touch on Christina's hugely successful Spanish language album "Mi Reflejo", her Holiday album "My Kind of Christmas", and the cheekily released album of demos from her teens "Just Be Free". We're here to give whatever pop fans want, whatever pop fans need.
*** Note: Since recording and completing the episode, The Clapham Grand event the Right Back At Ya! boys were due to appear at on 17 December 2021 has been cancelled. Big love to everyone at The Clapham Grand team, stay safe, and we look forward to partying with everyone soon.
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