Episode 29 - The Saturdays (Part 2)

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Get ready get set, Saturdays fans - this one's for you! Due to overwhelming demand for a Part 2, Joel and David are completing their journey into The Saturdays discography with this fun (and wine-filled) nostalgic episode. We pick up the pace at 2011 with 'Notorious' and 'All Fired Up', the mega bangers that signalled the start of an exciting and bigger chapter in The Saturdays career. Joel and David pick out their faves from the "On Your Radar" album including some moments that were truly NOT on the radar for Joel. The dream ride continues with The Saturdays launching their hilarious E! reality show "Chasing The Saturdays" which follows their adventures in breaking the American market, coupled with scoring their first UK No.1 single 'What About Us'. Joel and David brainstorm some pretty wild suggestions for a British re-write of 'Gentleman' before gushing over their all time fave 'Disco Love'. Pour yourself a nice glass of Grigio, put your head against the speakers, and join us in celebration of the 2010s most defining girl band! Follow us for more 2000s pop love: @rightbackpod @dr_joelb @lovelimmy Email our hearts: rightbackpod@gmail.com

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