The Road to Clinical Psychology with John Moriarty and David Staunton

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In this episode of the Road to Psychology I speak to John Moriarty and David Staunton. This is Part 1 of our conversation. John and Dave both recently applied for the Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. We discuss their experience thus far the extensive work they have put in to develop themselves as individuals and professionals.

We discuss;

Routes to psychology outside the B.A (8:30min).

John and Dave's research into Carl Jung and the nazis (13min)

Getting research published (24:30min)

Applying for the doctorate in clinical psychology (27min)

Applying to the Doctorate in Clinical Psychology in the UK (31min)

Benefits of group support when writing applications (36min)

Having a Plan B on the road to psychology (42min)

Psychologists in Primary Schools -PIPS (47min)

Avoiding Burnout in Voluntary Work (54min)

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