Marc Myers (Author of "Rock Concert: An Oral History as Told by the Artists, Backstage Insiders and Fans Who Were There")

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Welcome to Roadcase, a podcast exploring the live music experience!! Join us for this conversation with Marc Myers, noted journalist and author of the new book, "Rock Concert: An Oral History as Told by the Artists, Backstage Insiders and Fans Who Were There," out now on Grove Press. Marc is a regular contributor to the Wall Street Journal, where he writes about music and the arts. He is also the author of the critically acclaimed books Anatomy of a Song and Why Jazz Happened, and posts daily at his blog, Rock Concert takes a fascinating, first-person look at the evolution of rock 'n' roll via live performances from the rise of R&B in the 1950s, through the hippie gatherings and ballroom shows of the 60s, to the arena tours of the 70s and 80s. This new book is an utterly compelling read: a stellar and comprehensive collection of tales by the individuals who were there as told to Marc in a tightly compiled and well organized collection of stories from those on the ground at the time. This special episode of Roadcase takes a look at the Rock Show as an institution as well as a vehicle reflecting societal change throughout the years. So catch this ride on the Roadcase bus for a wonderful conversation with author Marc Myers. It's a great ride!!
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