The Doobie Brothers, Creative Identity, and California Dreamin’ (w/ Kris and Dicky)

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It’s our second episode, we’re passing through San Jose, CA feeling a bit grimier but fully caffeinated and ready to dive into The Doobie Brothers’ story! They’re the, “untold story in rock,” so we thought it would be fun to bring their tale to light. We chat about topics ranging from their wild start playing house shows in the Bay Area to their surprising involvement with the Hells Angels. California-livin’ friends and musicians Kris and Dicky (@mellowgrass & @mamsgrommit) join us as special guests, and we talk unreliable rusty vans, creative identity, and spontaneous 30-minute drum solos!


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Crazy house show story told by Mike McDonald:
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Thank you to Patrick Hagan for helping out with the editing, and Ian LeSage for playing lead guitar on the intro tune!

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