115) Stereo Nest Livestream

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Episode 115 is a live stream performance with Stereo Nest brainchild, Collin Jones. Stereo Nest is Cerebral Dance Music featuring Live Electronic Loops! In this episode, we listen to a full Stereo Nest live stream set! Timestamp: 00:31: Conversation with Collin and Ben 11:45: Livestream Performance by Stereo Nest 01:01:15: Conversation Concluded 01:11:13: Behind The Scenes Rochester Groovecast by Balbert Marketing LLC · 115 Stereo Nest Live Stream At Rochester Groovecast, the mantra “We’re Fans First!” harnesses the belief that the best businesses are built by fans. The podcast is deeply dedicated to playing an active role in the culture of its local scene. The brainchild of Rochester native, Ben Albert, was created in 2016 to serve as a portfolio of the city, and nowadays, the entire region. The podcast believes in the artistic brilliance abundant in Rochester, NY, and the surrounding regions. Ben seeks to play a pivotal role in our community by helping give Rochester a well-earned voice. He has seen first hand the abundance of talent, character, creativity, innovation, and beauty the Flower City has continuously offered. Keep In Touch with Stereo Nest: https://www.stereonest.com/ Check out everything Galaxy Diamond Records: https://www.galaxydiamond.net/ Rochester Groovecast is Powered By balbertmarketing.com

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