Rockin' Eddy Oldies Show 6-Mar-22: Rock & Roll, R&B, Doo-Wop, Country

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The Rockin' Eddy Oldies Radio Show featuring Roy Orbison - "Go Go Go", Johnny Guitar Watson - "The Bear", Lloyd Price - "I'm Gonna Get Married", The Pearls - "Let's You And I Go Steady", (Twin Spin) The Shells - "Baby Oh Baby" / "Angel Eyes", George Jones - "She Thinks I Still Care", The Drifters - "Soldier Of Fortune", The Velvets - "Spring Fever", The Duprees - "Why Don't You Believe Me", The Jarmels - "The Way You Look Tonight", The Moonglows - "See Saw", Ray Charles - "Busted", Billy Brown - "He'll Have To Go", The Five Discs - "Adios", Kris Jensen - "The Jackie Look", The Rivieras - "Great Big Eyes", Doris Troy - Whatcha Gonna Do About It", Ricky Nelson - "Young Emotions", Solomon Burke - "I Really Don't Want To Know", Dee Clark - "At My Front Door", The Fleetwoods - "Graduation's Here",

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