The Content Sausage Factory, Christopher Willis Returns and is that a Fish in Robert's Cocktail Episode

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This week Ian Truscott and regular guest, rockstar strategy advisor Jeff Clark, former Research Director at SiriusDecisions/Forrester, take their monthly trip to the Rockstar CMO Swimming Pool, our portal to hell for all the BS, snake oil, and over-hyped trends that plague this industry we love. In this episode, they review a couple of nominations from Cathy McKnight and Harry Morton and discuss measuring the amount of content we put in the commoditized content sausage factory.

This week's guest is Christopher P. Willis, Acrolinx's Chief Marketing Officer, who was last on the show in episode 85. Chris has over 20 years of experience growing companies in the technology sector and held leadership roles in marketing, creative, technical, and business development at companies including Perfecto, Pyxis Mobile, KPMG-CT, ModelGolf, and Cambridge Technology Group. Chris is a recognized thought leader in AI, DEI, and Content Governance. He is active within industry groups dedicated to the growth and health of Marketing Technology and the verticals he serves. Ian and Chris discuss his sales velocity metric, the role of the Chief Pipeline Officer, and the relationship between the CMO and CRO.

Finally, we retire to the Rockstar CMO virtual bar, where Robert Rose tells a story about fish over a cocktail.

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