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Thornhill has been exciting audiences for a few years now. Another monster band, hailing from the land down under, this Australian quintet knows how to put it down and wrap you around their sugary fingers.
I was honored to chat with frontman Jacob Charlton about the way the music business and the band's fanbase has gravitated increasingly towards them, as their sound and look has matured. It may not be easy to be this badass, but Thornhill makes it look like it's a run around the park.
Make sure you check out their new album, 'Heroine,' to discover the musical tricks the band plays on you as it lulls you into its heavenly power pop realm. I imagine, the band will be spending the next year on the road in support of the new record, one way or another, so make sure you check them out as soon as you can. Thornhill is definitely going to the top.
With that, please enjoy my conversation with Jacob Charlton, the very interesting singer of Thornhill. It's June 2022, and you're listening to Rockstar Superhero.
Time codes:
1:30 The formation of Thornhill
3:40 The evolution of the band's sound
6:00 A million bands that crush it
8:30 Unlearning choral lessons
11:30 People love the direction of the band
14:20 The world is missing its rockstars
17:05 You can do more as an artist
19:40 The name follows the sound and direction
22:00 Peter Gabriel and eccentricity
25:00 Thornhill will keep pushing towards uniqueness
27:30 The distinct character on stage over the real Jacob
30:00 The hot take on the new record, 'Heroine'
32:00 Looking for online criticism
34:40 What has Jacob learned?
37:00 Anxiety, growth, and confidence
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