Ep #311 Making The Most Out of Language and Tech Interview With Anna Gandrabura Founder of English For IT & Annglish, Co-Founder of Hiretool

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I got to interview Anna Gandrabura.

Anna is the founder of English For IT & Annglish, co-founder of Hiretool, womanpreneur, and change leader. She started her business when she was 21. She had to pivot ( back then she didn’t know it was a pivot:) to a niche business - teaching English and soft skills to tech folks. Now expanding it globally. Her mission is to help remote teams communicate better across cultures.

We spoke about:

  • Her journey to now.
  • What motivates her.
  • Weaknesses she turned into strengths.
  • Advice for the audience.
  • And much more.

This episode is sponsored by Nova Zora Digital experts in digital marketing.

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