Hostage By Annika Martin and Skye Warren - The Second in the Criminals and Captives Series. Hero's with a dark side you're going to love anyway.

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Rarely does Heidi review two books in the same series back to back but she enjoyed Prisoner (last weeks podcast) so much she moved on to the next book in the series. This series has excellent male POV and this book does not disappoint here! The Hero is fantastic, full of angst, a real troubled soul who changes and grows in a way that will tug at your heart.
Heidi does have issues with the choices made with the Heroine and she describes the book as seeming like two different books. One when you are reading the Hero's POV, and one when you are reading the Heroine's POV. It makes for a spicy podcast this week!
The Ratings:
Heidi uses a 1-10 system with 10 as the best. Each of the following categories can get a point: characters, romance, plot, climax, pacing, dialogue, world building, mechanics, overall impression, and authorial voice.

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