Prisoner by Skye Warren and Annika Martin - Sexy criminals capturing librarians!

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Yes the captive "prisoner" does make the hero and her "jailor" aroused while performing a heist in a library to steal some blueprints by talking about filing systems.
Prisoner is a great read. A captive heroine trope, a revenge trope, it busts out of these genres by being really darn good and really well written. The hero is really sexy, and Heidi's favorite part is the first ten chapters or so when the heroine is working in the prison getting the prisoners to share their memoirs and there is a lot of chemistry between the heroine and hero and it is all look but no touch. Come find out why.
She discusses that this book does contain a dubious consent scene that in her opinion, doesn't really fit in this book and detracts from the overall surprising and strongly moving romance.
This book surprised Heidi. Come find out why, and what rating she gave it.

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