S2E1: Cowboy Bepobop To watch or not to watch

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Hello everyone and welcome back.

To watch or not to watch, that is the question my friends. In today’s epsiode, we want to revist an oldie of mine, Cowboy Bepbop; gunslingers in outer space. Now, this one holds a special place in my heart for the fact that it is a terrific blend of east-meets-west, if you know what I mean. It combines a lot of cultural elements from both Japan and the U.S..

Now, it is a classic, having first been aired in 1998. This is somewhat of a problem, since my co-host, Krystal, prefers modern anime. Therefore, my job today is to convice Krystal that everyone, who wants gets into anime or is into, should watch this series. Stick around till the end and you see how successful I am!

Without further adue, let’s begin

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