S2E1: Spidermen from the 2000's

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If Krystal knows anything about me, and she knows a lot, then she can definitely tell you that I’m kinda stuck between 1990 and 2009. A lot of the books, movies, songs, shows, cultural references, etc. that I like are from this era. This has been a small point of contention between me and her for quite some time now. But it’s all been civil.

I still insist that the superhero movies from the early 2000’s are better than the their modern counterparts. Now, being as she is, Krystal obviously disagrees with me and that Is the focus of today's episode.

We want to compare and contrast Spiderman from early 2000 and Spiderman from late 2000/mid 2000’s.
We will do this by addressing 2 key points: the characters’ growth and the presence of their love interest and villain conflict.

At the end, we will present our case in the hopes of convincing the other party.

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