Drop the Distortion - Tips for Recording in a Remote Setting

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As the world moves more and more virtual, so does audio and video recording. You might be surprised at how many of your favorite people or shows are doing their recording from home. The good news is most people can pull this off if they pay attention to a few key areas of the setup. On this episode, we bring back Walter Storholt to talk about how we help clients set up their home studio and find out what Walt will be doing when he moves out of state soon.
Key topics on this show:
0:59 - Walter is moving!
3:16 - Taking your business remote
4:43 - Nothing changing at Third Wheel
6:53 - Equipment needs
9:59 - How to record
13:18 - Importance of microphone
15:00 - Internet connection
16:43 - Where are you recording?
18:47 - Walter's home setup
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