4 Tips for Using Social Media for Podcasting

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Social media is a critical piece of any business these days but sometimes the biggest challenge is just knowing where to start. We see this all the time with business owners that want to launch a podcast. With so much on their plate already, finding the time to develop and execute a social media strategy can be overwhelming.
Today we want to simplify things for you and give you four tips on how to use social media to promote your podcast and ultimately your business as well. Each of these tips today are best practices that you can leverage to start ramping up your presence online.
Key Points:
0:40 - Introducing the topic
1:53 - Background on Ben
2:27 - How to view your social media
5:00 - Less is more
6:20 - Engage beyond podcast promotion
8:22 - Promote your show
10:43 - Diversify your postings
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