Should You Be Using Facebook Ads?

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When it comes to marketing and advertising, it's hard to deny the power of Facebook. All the data they've gathered gives advertisers a wide range of campaign options, but is it a good place to start for small businesses looking to promote their products or their podcast.
Today we're chatting with Steve Sharp of Sharp Digital Marketing to tap into his expertise on Facebook Ads. He works with financial advisors all over the country to create campaigns with some great success stories.
If you've been looking for a good breakdown of how the system works and best practices to apply, then we think you'll enjoy this conversation.
Here's some of what you'll learn on this episode:

  • Background on Steve and how he found this financial advisor niche (1:38)
  • What does Facebook do well when it comes to marketing? (5:53)
  • What has he found to work well when designing a campaign? (7:26)
  • How much should you be spending on your budget? (11:13)
  • Stories about clients that have benefited from using FB. (14:48)

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