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Rudrabha Mukherjee is a writer, podcaster, an educationist, MyNEP Ambassador, an SEO engineer, machine learning (AI) enthusiast, a 26 years old (at the time of writing) proud Indian, an activist, a social entrepreneur, a Hindustani classical vocalist and hence a polymath in a nutshell. Since the early age of 11 years, he is on a mission to empower everyone with easy access to technology and to democratize the process of education & learning without any discrimination to make this world a better and peaceful place. His notion and selfless efforts of empowering more than 5,00,000 (500k+) underprivileged students and keen learners with the true knowledge of core academic subjects like mathematics & science and skill (technical) development got appreciated, acknowledged, supported by many (local, national, and international) organizations, institutions, communities, and channels as well. You can read more at:

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