My Job is to Predict the Future

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Sam Ramji is an odd duck. He is full of curiosity, insights and ideas. He is also is the Chief Strategy Officer of Datastax.

In the most wide-ranging conversation I've ever recorded, we discussed the most interesting ideas in computing. From the 1980s - all the way to 2032. Along the way you'll learn how to craft a career as an odd duck with talent for strategy, how to transform an organization, how to create a strategy, and you'll hear 3 future predictions and 3 big data trends that are happening right now.
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00:00 - Intro: Ducks and curiosity

2:43 - Brief history of computing

6:00 - Career as an odd duck

8:00 - Product Management

12:20 - Microsoft, you have a SaaS problem

20:00 - Clouds, APIs and scale

28:45 - How do we think together

29:53 - APIs are eating the world

33:00 - Advice for engineers in a transforming company

43:40 - The Developer Experience Architect

45:00 - How to Strategy

56:10 - 3 Futuristic Predictions

01:02:47 - 3 Trends in Data

1:14:37 - D&D 5th Edition

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