7: Repatriation of workloads, a chance for service providers? The vision of Graham Crich, Veeam at CloudFest.

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Graham Crich, as VP of partner services of Veeam, has a focus on how to support the channel. He sees a lot of new names at CloudFest, with a focus on security. The buzzword of the moment is currently Hybrid Cloud. What he misses on CloudFest but also other cloud events, are the Hyperscalers. They are dominant in the US but are getting more and more dominant in Europe, but have their own events and don’t need CloudFest.

Graham sees a new role for the current service providers. Based on their strength he sees an interesting role for them. Listen to hear what he thinks they should focus on.

Graham sees a trend where workloads are migrated out of the public cloud. Their research showed that 46% of cloud workloads repatriate.

What is new at Veeam. Same as the hyperscalers, Veeam has a process of continuous innovation. This means new versions for Office 365 and a backup solution for Salesforce. But the greatest innovations within Veeam is automation and cost reduction of the back-office processes to make it easier for the partners to do business with Veeam.

His advice for Cloudfest next year, more people and more focus on value-added hosting providers.

Do you want to know more, listen to the whole podcast!

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Veam: https://www.veeam.com/nl

Graham Crich: Linkedin

Leo van Schie : Linkedin

Ruud Ramakers : Linkedin

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