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We are thrilled to bring conversations with some of the best SaaS founders, visionaries, product builders, marketers, investors, technologists, and people shaping India’s SaaS ecosystem. SaaSBOOMi is a community of founders, product leaders, and marketers nurturing 1500+ SaaS companies of all shapes and sizes. Following are the two ongoing podcast series 1. A Founder's Deep-dive hosted by Suresh Sambandam, CEO - Kissflow Brings out the unique DNA which made certain startups very successful. There will be deep dives into 360-degree aspects of organization building across product, sales, marketing business model, GTM, investor relations, culture, etc. 2. BTS podcast on Marketing hosted by Arvind Parthiban (Co-founder & CEO, & Varun Shoor (Founder, Kayako) Get insights into what goes on Behind The Scenes in the making of some of the successful marketing campaigns, and shine the light on how marketing is done, what works, and what doesn’t, and let the audience learn from the experience of the country’s best marketers Catch the episodes on your favorite podcast app: SaaSBOOMi website: Apple - Google - Spotify - To receive new episode launches in your inbox subscribe at If you have any feedback, we’re all ears, do write to us at

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