Season B - Ep. 6: Diamond Innabi, Vice President at Software Equity Group, on SaaS Valuation and M&A

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Diamond discussed SaaS valuation and how multiples have changed over the past several years, the main drivers of multiples, and M&A market trends.


Diamond Innabi is a Vice President at Software Equity Group, a boutique investment bank focused on B2B software companies. Over her nearly a decade career at SEG, she was instrumental in numerous M&A transactions involving public and private companies as well as private equity funds.


1:45 Why are SaaS companies valued at a multiple of revenue or ARR?

4:00 Drivers of SaaS Valuation and how they have changed in the current environment

6:30 Mission-critical software

7:50 Multiples over 5 years

9:05 SaaS valuation during COVID

10:00 Comps contribution to assigning multiples

11:25 On-prem vs cloud valuation

14:20 Buyers and Sellers

16:20 Most durable SaaS categories

17:15 Recommendation to sellers

19:30 Calculation of Gross Margins

Click the following links to "double-click" on Diamond's comments about M&A Update, The Rule of 40, Gross Margin impact, and COGS

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