#169: A Transylvanian Triumph

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God Almighty, it's finally happened: The long-rumored (and much-leaked) Castlevania Advanced Collection is indeed coming to PlayStation 4. Actually, it's available right now, bringing along with it some wondrous vampiric action out of the clear blue sky (or dark night). Surprise! Then, in another piece of news that can only be described as For Colin, Square Enix randomly revealed a remake of 1991's SNES classic ActRaiser, also available now. Talk about random (and awesome). For many, though, the bigger news of the week will be word of former Sony second party partner Quantic Dream reportedly making a Star Wars game. And it's apparently not the Star Wars game you'd expect, leaving us much to discuss. Also percolating are some new THQ Nordic announcements, some key secrets hidden in both PS4's and PS5's recent firmware update, and even rumors that famous fighting game Marvel vs. Capcom 2 may be making a comeback. Then, as is typical, we like to wrap things up with your inquiries. Will Sony ever update the PlayStation Plus Collection? Was the PlayStation 3 generation one of gaming history's very best? Could Microsoft's next purchase set off a cascade of bad press for the Xbox brand? Will Chris finally test the very boundaries of his mysterious and arcane powers?

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