#231 | The Hunt

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Capcom's Monster Hunter is a years-long smash hit, but it really hit its stride on PS4 with Monster Hunter World, Capcom's best-selling game ever. So it was mysterious when Monster Hunter Rise was launched on Switch (and later PC), but never on PlayStation. Rumor has it that's all about to change. Rise is apparently due for PS4 and PS5 very soon -- in perhaps a month and a half -- and with it comes the promise of high-quality hunting not yet seen on PS5, a genre gap Capcom rival Electronic Arts was hoping to fill with its Omega Force-developed Wild Hearts (which it had no doubt hoped would go uncontested, but no longer will). Thus, we've much to discuss. PlayStation also released interesting new updates for its tournament structure, as well as Stars, new PS+ games have been revealed, scant details about Peacock's Twisted Metal TV series have been unearthed, and more. Then: Listener inquiries! Why doesn't Sony include New Game+ at launch with all first and second party titles? What game has the saddest opening ever? Which character is the current 'Face of PlayStation'? Is alliteration the most powerful determinant of a good name?

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