Episode 18: Pinback's Summer In Abaddon

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Today the guys embark on a magical journey, full of delightful surprises, family-friendly lessons, and unforgettable characters, as we breakdown the “Summer in Abaddon” by Pinback. The album, released by Touch and Go Records in October of 2004, and was one of the many indie rock albums that was released during the in-between-times. The dark forces of illegal downloading had all but prevailed, but the forces of good were coalescing, much like the Rohirrim at the conclusion of The Battle of Hornburg. White people music was making a come back, or so it seemed, thanks to the growing popularity of indie music blogs, and the increased hiring of liberal arts school graduates by car commercial producers. Among that new wave of indie records was this album, Pinback’s third. The album fused math rock precision with pop sensibility, and served as the most refined example of the band’s sound to-date. Alas, the good days do not last forever. Joy is only a momentary absence of sadness, which is the true fabric of existence. Put your children to bed. Calibrate your sadness with alcohol. And follow along as we discuss our next Sad Dad classic.

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