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I would grab a notebook for this episode. Jenn Evers has dug deep into her wounds, patiently healed them and continues the never-ending journey of learning the human connection.

Jenn is a nurse, a nurse educator and has spent over 18 years in healthcare assisting clients and their families with healing on all levels. She is a highly intuitive empathic healer, Reiki Master, and psycho spiritual life coach who helps others heal from the inside out through identification of the subconscious patterns held within the energetic body. This affects us in every aspect of our life, and shows up in the beliefs, thoughts, emotions and actions that represent the reality we choose to live in, from day to day. She knows that by healing the deepest parts of ourselves and the trauma that we store within our bodies, that we can reclaim the power over our life, and create one that we no longer feel the need to escape from.

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