SN 118: "The Battle Inside the Demonic Space: The Sailor Guardians' Gamble"

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Sailor Noob is the podcast where a Sailor Moon superfan and a total noob go episode by episode through the original Sailor Moon series!
The Sailor Senshi go all-in this week as they face a devious new menace. When an experiment at the Tomoe house goes wrong, it's up to Chibi and Hotaru to outplay a game-obsessed daemon!
In this episode, we discuss Japanese card games, hanafuda, karuta types (tensho, yomi, mikuri), uta-garuta, and the origins of Nintendo. We also talk laughing like the Count, "upstairs Tomoe", telltale jungle drums, Spider-Moon, post-filicide, can cant, lassoing a tween goth, cheating at Jenga, child reverse psychologists, alt-universe Senshi, Dr. Mom, the most metal way to die, 17th century Japanese "The Sting", getting over the Yakuza, Twistercise, good Police videos, and spitting in the face of Euclid!
Welcome to the Gay Room, Sailor Scouts!
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