SN 126: "A New Life: Parting of the Stars of Destiny"

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Sailor Noob is the podcast where a Sailor Moon superfan and a total noob go episode by episode through the original Sailor Moon series!
The enemy is defeated but the tale is not over as questions await answers. Chibi still searches for her lost friend and Sailor Moon will have to face a challenge from an unexpected front!
In this episode, we discuss the history and conquest of the Ryukyu Kingdom. We also talk about Peter Jackson's Sailor Moon, the Squiggy Problem, a Willy Wonka tight five, smizing Rosie Cotton, butterfly teleportation, burping the Antichrist, Tuxedo Subtext, Kal's Mythology Corner, island nightlife, getting burned in the butt, being the mayor from Jaws, and making 20 cents from a dollar!
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