Episode #94 S1-EP94 Prospecting and How to Make Your Sales Pitch Stand Out with Scott Milener

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Scott Milener is the sales expert CEO Of IntroSnap, an outbound lead generation platform that harnesses the purposeful balance of business and supporting global causes, making it easier for professionals to connect while supporting global causes important to the future - the faster and more affordable way.

A graduate of University of Rochester with a BS in Economics and Business Administration with an extensive background in sales, Scott is an experienced sales leader in B2b SaaS sales that span from cloud applications in CDP, to martech and adtech, to demand generation, and all the way to social and related solutions.

Prior to Scott’s current role as CEO of IntroSnap, he held very notable sales leadership positions such as being the VP of Sales at Blueshift, a SmartHub CDP high scale, 1:1 cross-channel marketing. He stood as VP of Enterprise Sales at Functionize, Inc., an AI powered QZ in the Cloud. He handled the floor as the Sr. Director of Enterprise Sales at Oracle Marketing Cloud, where he led a team that closed and implemented some of OMC’s largest customers including Cisco, Kaiser Permanente, Robert Half, Altera, Etc. He’s even taken the reins as VP US Sales at PeopleBrowsr, a leading social analytics, digital marketing, and big data platform, where he handled key account sales, channels, and co-marketing with major clients including the GRAMMYs, eBay, SAP, Purina, and P&G.

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