ARBORIST Blues N Roots - Salty Dog (October 2021)

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Salty Dog's ARBORIST Podcast, October 2021 Visit: We're grafting a root on the blues branch tone hounds! That's right, a mess o tunes this time around that will grow you out of lockdown just right. The arborist brings you cuts from Alastair Greene, Buffalo Nichols, Lady A, Memphissippi Sounds, Julian James, Mike Flanigin, Malcolm Holcombe, Grace Cummings, Kelly Joe Phelps, Fabrizio Grossi, Eric Clapton, Brad Palmer, Roy Buchanan, Emma Donovan, Dave Brewers, Darren Jack, GA-20, Joanne Shaw Taylor, Lachy Doley, Paul Osher, Seasick Steve, Skip James, R.L.Burnside. ----------- ARTIST / TRACK / ALBUM ** Australia 1. Alastair Greene / Wontcha Tell Me / The New World Blues 2. Buffalo Nichols / These Things / Buffalo Nichols 3. Lady A / Miss Beula Mae / Satisfyin' 4. Memphissippi Sounds / I'm Mad / Welcome To The Land 5. ** Julian James N Moonshine State / New Religion / Devil Town 6. Mike Flanigin w. Alejandro Escovedo / Fit To Be Tied / The Drifter 7. Malcolm Holcombe / Damn Rainy Day / Tricks of the Trade 8. ** Grace Cummings / Heaven / Single Release 9. Kelly Joe Phelps / Waiting Fior Marty / Slingshot Professional 10. Fabrizio Grossi N Soul Garage Experience / Shit Load Of Sugar / Counterfeited Soulstice Vol.1 11. Eric Clapton / Five Long Years / From The Cradle 12. ** Brad Palmer / Risin' Moon / Street Sessions Vol 3 13. Roy Buchanan / Down By The River / Buch and the Snake Stretchers 14. ** Emma Donovan N The Putbacks / Nothing I Can Do / Under These Streets 15. ** Dave Brewer / Night Walkin' / Long Road Back Home 16. ** Darren Jack / Slow Me Down / Lost In Living 17. GA-20 / Sit Down Baby / Naggin' On My Mind 18. Joanne Shaw Taylor / If That Ain't A Reason / The Blues Album 19. ** Lachy Doley / Only Cure For The Blues Is The Blues / Studios 301 Sessions 20. Paul Oscher / Anna Lee / Alone With The Blues 21. Seasick Steve / Laughing To Keep From Crying / Blues In Mono 22. Skip James / Hard Time Killing Floor Blues / I Hear Voices 23. R.L Burnside / Hard Time Killing Floor / Wish I Was in Heaven Sitting Down

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