CYBER Blues N Roots - Salty Dog (January 2022)

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Salty Dog's CYBER Podcast, January 2022 Visit: Out on the cyber podcast trail, your digits are secure! Yep, we've locked down some fine cuts from Tennesse Jet, Anders Osborne, North Mississippi Allstars, Rick Holmstrom, Taj Mahall and Ry Cooder, Levon Helm, Jon Cleary, Johnny Winter, Moreland and Arbuckle, Cahill Kelly, Aaron Pollock, Andy Baylor, Checkerboard Lounge, John Mellencamp, Charlie Musselwhite, Dave Hole, Delvon Lamar Trio, Ezra Lee, Gretta Ziller, Malcolm Holcombe, Sherman Holmes, Bob Dylan, Kelly Joe Phelps. ----------- ARTIST / TRACK / ALBUM ** Australia 1. Tennesse Jet / Johnny / The Country 2. Anders Osborne / Burning Up Slowly / Space Dust N Ocean Views 3. North Mississippi Allstars / Rabbit Foot / Set Sail 4. Rick Holmstrom / I'm Not Afraid / Cruel Sunrise 5. Taj Mahal N Ry Cooder / Hooray Hooray / Get On Board 6. Levon Helm / Calvary / Dirt Farmer 7. Jon Cleary / Funky Munky Biznis / Pin Your Spin 8. Johnny Winter / Mean Mistreater / Scorchin' Blues 9. Moreland N Arbuckle / Legend of John Henry / Flood 10. ** Cahill Kelly / Beyond the Weathered Pale / Classical and Cool Jazz 11. ** Aaron Pollock / I'm No Fun / Troubadour Blues 12. ** Andy Baylor / Warehouse Stomp / Blues From The Irene Building 13. ** Checkerboard Lounge / You Got A Way on You / Sun Sessions 14. John Mellencamp / Did You Say Such A Thing / Strictly A One-Eyed Jack 15. Charlie Musselwhite / Blues Why Do You Worry Me / I Ain't Lyin' 16. ** Dave Hole / Rough Diamond Child / Rough Diamond 17. Delvon Lamar Organ Trio / Don't Worry Bout What I Do / Cold As Weiss 18. ** Ezra Lee / Boogie Like A Boss / Rockin' and Boppin' Rhythm 19. ** Gretta Ziller / Unforgiven Sins / Hell's Half Acre 20. Malcolm Holcombe / Crazy Man Blues / Tricks of the Trade 21. Sherman Holmes / Breakin' Up Somebody's Home / Richmond Sessions 22. Bob Dylan / Tombstone Blues / Highway 61 Revisited 23. Kelly Joe Phelps / Roll Away The Stone / Roll Away The Stone

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