ELECTRO Blues N Roots - Salty Dog (March 2022)

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Salty Dog's ELECTRO Podcast, March 2022 Visit: www.salty.com.au A fair taste of the vault this time with the ELECTRO show tone hounds, and some new vibe too! Great cuts from Ray Beadle, 'Sir' Oliver Mally, Layla Zoe, Junior Watson, Matt Walker, Mississippi Heat, Rod Stewart, Ry Cooder, Peter Bradley Adams, Paul Oscher, Revelators, Jimi Hocking, Low Reed, Bod Dylan, Beth Hart, Small Faces, Duke Robillard, Kutcha Edwards, Albert Cummings, Kim Wilson. ----------- ARTIST / TRACK / ALBUM ** Australia 1. ** Ray Beadle / Ain't Goin' Out Like That / Live At The Brass Monkey 2. "Sir" Oliver Mally's Blues Distillery / Don't Know What To Do / Blue Raindrops 3. Layla Zoe / Pull Yourself Together / Live at Spirit of '66 4. Junior Watson / Whole Lot of Lovin' / Nothin To It But Do It 5. ** Matt Walker N Ashley Davies / All By Myself / I Listen To The Night 6. Mississippi Heat / Batty Crazy / Madeleine 7. Rod Stewart / Cut Across Shorty / Gasoline Alley 8. Ry Cooder / How Can A Poor Man Stand Such Times and Live / Show Time 9. Peter Bradley Adams / Lorraine / A Face Like Mine 10. Paul Oscher / Blues and Trouble / Cook Cat 11. ** Revelators / Ride On / The Adventures of the Amazing Revelators 12. ** Jimi Hocking / Tell Me Where, Tell Me When / To The Moon So Blue 13. Lou Reed / Foot of Pride / Bob Dylan's 30th Anniversary Concert 14. Bob Dylan / Price of Love / Springtime on New York - Bootleg Servies No 16 15. Sir Oliver Mally Group / Drowning On Dry Land / Trying To Get By 16. Beth Hart / Good Times Bad Times / A Tribute to Led Zeppelin 17. Small Faces / Tin Soldier / The Immediate Years 18. Duke Robillard / Gambler's Blues / Guitar Groove-A-Rama 19. ** Kutcha Edwards / The More Things Change / Circling Time 20. Albert Cummings / Movin' On / Someone Like You 21. Kim Wilson / Don't Bite The Hand That Feed You / That's Life

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