ENIGMA Blues N Roots - Salty Dog (April 2022)

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Salty Dog's ENIGMA Podcast, April 2022 Visit: www.salty.com.au There's just a little bit bent on every track tone hounds. Get down with the ENIGMA algorithm, it'll take you there. Oh yeah, cuts from TK Reeve, Damon Fowler, Abi Farrell, Laura Rain, Uncle Tupelo, Chris Whitely, Taj Mahal N Ry Cooder, Band of Heathens, Sue Foley, Sugaray Rayford, Louis King, John Mayer, Lily Locksmith, Kelly Joe Phelps, Neil Young, Opelousas, Jimmie Vaughan, Delvon Lamarr, Ronnie Earl, King Pug, Rick Holmstrom, Stew Cutler, Gov't Mule. ----------- ARTIST / TRACK / ALBUM ** Australia 1. ** T.K Reeve / Driving / Pay No Mind 2. Damon Fowler / Taxman / Alafia Moon 3. Abi Farrell / The Only Way I Learn / The Only Way I Learn 4. Laura Rain and The Caesars / Super Duper Love / Closer 5. Uncle Tupleo / I Wanna Be Your Dog / March 16-20, 1992 6. Chris Whitley and Bastard Club / I Wanna Be Your Dog / Reiter Inn 7. Taj Mahal and Ry Cooder / My Baby Done Changed the Locks On The Door / Get On Board 8. The Band of Heathens / Trouble Came Early / Duende 9. Sue Foley / Hurricane Girl / Pinky's Blues 10. Sugaray Rayford / In Too Deep / In Too Deep 11. ** Louis King's Royal Blue Trio / Hooked On You / Royal Blues Trio 12. John Mayer / Queen of California / Born and Raised 13. Lily Locksmith / Player / Player 14. Kelly Joe Phelps / Circle wars / Slingshot Professionals 15. Neil Young / Barstool Blues / Zuma 16. ** Opelousas / Dear John / Dear John 17. Jimmie Vaughan Trio / Dirty Work at the Crossroads / Live at C-Boy's 18. Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio / Concussion / Live In Loveland 19. Ronnie Earl and the Broadcasters / Dave's Groove / Mercy Me 20. King Pug / Doggy Talk / Borneo Mint Shave 21. Rick Holmstrom / King Freddie / Get It! 22. Stew Cutler / Lizard Skin / So Many Streams 23. Gov't Mule / She Said She Said / Dose

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