FRAME Blues N Roots - Salty Dog (February 2022)

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Salty Dog's FRAME Podcast, February 2022 Visit: We've got you in the frame tone hounds. I ain't lyin'!! Fabulous cuts from Bob Stroger, Altered Five Blues Band, Barrence Whitfield, Cisco Caesar, Igor Prado, Raphael Wressnig, Mighty Servant, Perry Keyes, Doug MacLeod, Thomas Rhett, Jason Isbell, Brett Littlefair, Chris Whitley, Southbound Snake Charmers, North Mississippi Allstars, Pete Murray, Artur Menezes, Grant Green, Bert Deivert, Grace Cummings, Procol Harum, Othman Wahabi, Paul Oscher, Justin Currie. ----------- ARTIST / TRACK / ALBUM ** Australia 1. Bob Stroger N The Headcutters / What Goes On In The Dark / That's My Name 2. Altered Five Blues Band / Holding On With One Hand / Holler If You Hear Me 3. Barrence Whitfield N The Savages / Slowly Losing My Mind / Soul Flowers of Titan 4. ** Cisco Caesar / Cutaway Road / Burnt and Broken 5. Igor Prado N Raphael Wressnig / Ain't No Love In The Heart Of The City / Groove and Good Times 6. ** Mighty Servant / Sometimes I Reckon I Had It Bad / There's Life 7. ** Perry Keyes / Will You Shine / Live In B Town 8. Doug MacLeod / I Respectfully Decline / The Utrecht Sessions 9. Thomas Rhett / Want It Again / Country Again (Side A) 10. Jason Isbell N The 400 Unit / It Gets Easier / Reunions 11. ** Brett Littlefair / Indian Pacific Line / Footstompin' 12. Chris Whitley N Bastard Club / Mountain Side / Reiter In 13. ** Southbound Snake Charmers / Whiskey N Mojo / Single Release 14. North Mississippi Allstars / Juicy Juice / Set Sail 15. ** Pete Murray / George's Helper / See The Sun 16. Artur Menezes N Josh Smith / Free At Last / Fading Away 17. Grant Green / I Don't Want Nobody To Give Me Nothin' / Ain't It Funky Now! 18. Bert Deivert, Eva Deivert / Badge 623 / I Ain't Leaving 19. ** Grace Cummings / Raglan / Storm Queen 20. Procol Harum / A Whiter Shade of Pale / A Whiter Shade of Pale 21. Othman Wahabi / The River / Black Soul 22. Paul Oscher / On The Edge / Cool Cat 23. Justin Currie / The Fight To Be Currie / The Great War

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